Rapper KRG the Don.

Rapper KRG the Don has disclosed that he will spend at least Sh5million for his birthday celebrations later this evening. Speaking at an interview, the Nairobi-based artiste revealed that he does not have a specific budget for his birthday but has a minimum amount of money he is willing to spend.

"I don't have a limit but I have a minimum. We can spend at least 5 million or as much as we can," he disclosed.

Asked about his plans for the evening, KRG the Don revealed that he would eat, buy whatever he wanted, and buy drinks for anyone who could not afford them.

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"I will eat anything that I want, buy whatever I want, and in case we party too much and anyone is unable to pay their bills, I will definitely pay for them. We have planned a lot from 4 pm this evening," he added.

KRG the Don is celebrating his birthday today, barely a week after taking to social media to claim full responsibility for blogger Edgar Obare's missing Instagram accounts.


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"I had said I will delete BNNKE from this planet. They thought I was joking. Who is laughing now," he shared on his Instagram stories.

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KRG had previously warned the blogger about his activities, threatening to hack his accounts if he did not change. This was after an exposé released by Edgar that linked KRG to a money-laundering scheme popularly known as 'Wash Wash.'

The flamboyant rapper revealed that he started making money while still in high school in his defense.

"I was always a smart kid and from as early as I was in High school, I started making money while still in school," he said.

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According to him, he became a millionaire from lending money to other students while in Kampala, Uganda, and also from selling clothes to his friends.

"My dad used to give me a lot of money, he used to give me like Sh150,000 and I only needed Sh40,000. I was keen and used it wisely. I studied in Kampala and clothes are cheaper there. So, I would also bring clothes to my friends and as time goes on, I was already a millionaire," he said.