Janet Mbugua [Courtesy]

Celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua, has taken to social media to share tips regarding healing. According to the mother of two, healing takes time and it is a process.

The 38-year-old former news anchor went on to add that healing can sometimes be messy. According to her, some days will be good while the others will be difficult.

“Healing is messy and you will have good days and bad. Some days you’ll be in good form, some days you won’t,” she wrote.

Through Instagram, Janet referenced an anonymous quote that urged people who are going through a healing process to always remember to be kind to themselves as they juggle between good and terrible days.

“The secret is being kind to yourself as you dance between the two. (Quote),” she added.

Validating the healing process, Janet further added that when one is having bad days, it does not necessarily make them a bad person, colleague, friend or even a partner. She stated that those days one can be excused.

“We’re all just trying to get by best as we can. It doesn’t make you a bad person, A poor leader, A terrible parent, an insensitive sibling, an ungrateful child, A difficult colleague, A distant friend......at that moment you’re in bad form,” she revealed.

Willis Raburu on grief, healing and a failed marriage

Last week during an interview with a vernacular TV station, Willis Raburu opened up on his former relationships and how he coped with the storms that came his way.

“The reason a lot of people know about my relationships is because of social media. And looking back, if I had an option I wouldn’t have advertised my relationships on social media,” he stated.

He went on to explain his love journey and how he got the go-ahead and blessings from family but still, things failed to work out.

“Not only do you feel the heartache but it comes with embarrassment as well. Everyone is always gossiping about you…you’ll hear people whispering about. Divorce and child loss is something I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemy,” added Willis.

Opening up on his troubled marriage, Willis said divorce was the last resort after trying other avenues of resolving issues in his marriage.

He admitted that moving on from grief and a failed marriage has not been easy but he is slowly learning how to make peace with his past.

 Willis Raburu [Courtesy]