Wema Sepetu [Courtesy]

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu is confident that she will remain relevant long after she is gone.

Speaking at an interview, the bongo star went on to admit that she does not really care about what others say since her achievements are there for all to see.

“Hata kama watu wataichafua kiasi gani, nyota yangu itaendelea kung’aa hadi nitakapokuwa mzee. Nitakuwa ni bibi mwenye mvuto na hata nikifa bado watu watataka kunizungumzia na kusikiliza hadithi zangu (No matter how much people will insult me, my star will continue to shine. I will be an attractive grandmother and even after I die people will still want to talk about me and listen to my stories)” she said.

Her sentiments come barely a day after netizens took to social media to talk about her relationship after she hinted that she has a new man in her life. Through the caption section, Wema noted that she is the only person who knows her boyfriends.

According to her, she will not ruin her current relationship by posting about her man or even revealing who he is.

“I am the only person who knows my boyfriends. He is mine and no one is interfering with our love,”


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Defending her choices, Wema said that she does not want to be constantly reminded of her past failed relationships every time she is having a good time with her man.

“The day you will come to see my man is after he has already paid the dowry. The process is there and I know God is going to fulfil that for me,” she added.

Speaking about her recent experience in using taxis, Wema admitted that she gossips people but at the end of the day it is not right to make someone know what you gossip about them.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. People can talk all they want because it is normal to talk about others. After all, I also talk about other people but you don't have to make somebody know what you gossip about them,” she said.