Magix Enga.

It will go down as one of the wildest weekends of Kenya’s rave culture, the WRC Safari Rally weekend that attracted over 20,000 spectators to the small town of Naivasha.

As fans who enjoy moto-sport went to catch a moment in history, another bunch went for the hype and shenanigans that come with such huge events.

To capture the crazy party life and why moto-sport is overrated over sex and vices in a song, who better than controversial Kenyan music producer and singer Magix Enga on the beat.

Magix has released another banger that explains the feelings and vibe of what Naivasha party lovers were experiencing in real time, as he represented sentiments of the infamous 'Subaru Boys' who went to notoriously have a blast out of town.

“Wacha nisilewe nipate mali safi.” He raps on the heavily influenced trap song banging with 808 drums and polarizing one-liners.

“Kwani ni kesho, si hatujakuja kuona magari”, "Wacha huyu boy akunywe hiyo passio, nipatie hiyo gin", “Wacha kubonga, ambia srikali ikupatie kazi, dame amekatika sana make-up kutoka na alikuwa amekaa Kimani” are some of the zesty bars he leaves on the beat as he recalls his Vasha chronicles.

Magix a professional of turning around real-time events into music commentary has struck again, and he has done so profoundly.