Nana Owiti.

Rapper King Kaka's wife, Nana Owiti, has creatively ditched a question posed to her by one of her fans regarding her relationship with the rapper's first-born daughter. Through an interactive question and answer on her Instagram page, a curious fan asked about her relationship with the stepdaughter. Nana gave a fascinating answer that did not reveal any details but left fans speculating whether it is a cordial relationship or not.

"What's your relationship with your stepkid," the fan posed, to which the mother of two responded in Swahili, ditching the question. "Mumeamka," she answered.

Last year, King Kaka spoke for the first time about his first child with singer Sage. The father of three has often dodged whether he visits his child after Sage claimed in an interview, she pays her daughter's school fees alone. "I visit my daughter with Sage, and so we meet because you have to create time for your kids," Kaka said at a local radio interview.

In an earlier interview with Word Is, Sage said that raising a child as a single mum was the most challenging thing she has gone through. "Raising a child as a single mum is the most challenging thing I have faced so far. I had a constant fear of wondering how I'm gonna deal with when she goes to school." She said.

 Nana Owiti and King Kaka.

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The talented songbird opened up about her difficult journey as a mother, adding that she is taking single motherhood in stride.

"Motherhood is a very crazy thing, but at the same time, it changes you so much because, like for me, I have learnt from her that I need to be patient. I was a really impatient person, but watching her grow and she is now in school, which did not happen in one day, really changed me," she added.

In the interview, Sage admitted that she was scared that her daughter would lack anything as she insinuated that she was handling the parental duties by herself. She, however, added that she learned to let go and allow God to take control.

"It is easy to dwell on that self-pity. You know I am alone, other parents are paying fees together, they can handle that together. In the beginning, I was freaking out, but after her first term in school, I was able to pay her school fees and even to ensure she goes to school on time, and get everything she needed, including her snacks. It is learning how to let go and leaving God to take control of everything," said Sage.


Nevertheless, King Kaka has publicly showered Ayanna, his daughter with Sage, with sweet words on his social media platforms during her birthdays. Last year when he failed to show up at her birthday party, the father of three went to apologize to her for missing out on an important day.

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"Ayanna I am really sorry I missed this Big Day since I am not around, I promise when I get back, I will make it up. I love you; May God grant you a powerful future and Happy Birthday, Papa Loves You. Thank you for every moment," he wrote.

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