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The Walking Dead star Dango Nguyen has died aged 48 after a battle with cancer.

The actor and firefighter passed away on Saturday, according to Georgia's Athens-Clarke County Fire department.

He is best known for playing a guard in the zombie horror show, working for show villain The Governor and fighting with leading man Rick Grimes.

He was in seven episodes of the show and his other acting credits include roles in the MacGyver reboot, and TV series The Gifted.

Nguyen worked in showbiz using the stage name was Dango Nu Yen.

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However, as well as acting, he was also a dedicated firefighter for 20 years.

His death was confirmed in a statement from the Athens-Clarke County in Georgia, the US state where The Walking Dead was shot.

The statement read: “It is with tremendous sadness that we mourn the loss of one of our former firefighters.

“Dango was a sergeant with our department when he left to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and other interests.

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"But, once you're a firefighter, you're always part of our family. And Dango was a very well-known member of our family...

"He will always be remembered for his physical and mental strength. He was an aggressive and tenacious firefighter and first responder.