Kamene Goro (Photo: Instagram)

 When asked how she felt after being dumped by ex-husband, Kamene Goro’s response was, “I can guarantee you he is the most miserable man right now in the world.”

The NRG breakfast club host opened up about her relationship with ex-husband and her stand when it comes to marriage.  

Speaking during an interview on Up close with Betty, Kamene disclosed that she was once married and was dumped through a Whatsapp call.

“He broke up with me via Whatsapp. He couldn’t even spend his money to break up with me,” she said.

Kamene made news a while back when she openly admitted her body count was 27 and netizens went wild over it.

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I can guarantee you he is the most miserable man right now in the world (Photo: Courtesy)

“Well, it’s not easy being a subject of scrutiny, that’s for sure. Most of these times you get into tough conversations with yourself and those involved in your life. However, I always say in a society that has ‘commoditised’ people, it’s important for me to remain true to myself.

Stories and experiences are to be shared. Besides, I remain committed to living my life in the best way possible,” the radio personality said during a previous interview.

When asked if she was thinking of settling down and having kids anytime soon, Kamene responded,

“You know the way you have your goals and KPI’s? Marriage is not one of my KPI’s and goals. If it happens great, though it’s not something I’m actively working towards.

Just like marriage, having kids is not something I’m aspiring, a goal that I would not live without. If it happens, it happens fantastic if it doesn’t yet again fantastic.”

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The breakfast club host explained that her goal at the moment is to create a sustainable future for herself and whoever might come into her life, be it a husband, children or otherwise.

Studying law

What many don't know about Kamene is that she studied law and graduated with a law degree and later ventured into Journalism since that was her passion. At the time, her parents did not consider journalism as a substantial first degree.

Before joining NRG Radio, Kamene worked as a TV news anchor and explains she had done everything that needed to be done in TV hence prompting her need for change consequently joining radio.