Maina and Shaffie [Photo: Courtesy]

Has Classic 105 host Maina Kageni finally let out that he has a son?

This is the question he left his followers to mull over after he posted a photo of himself hanging out with a young boy, Nathan, whom many alleged to be his son.

“Twinning with Nathan… Took him for his first haircut… Keep smiling…. #JoysOfLife…” Posted Kageni.

It did not help matters that Kiss 100 presenter Shaffie Weru joined the fray by commenting that Nathan shares the surname Kageni.

“Finally you introduce #NathanKageni to Kenya,” wrote Shaffie.

[Photo: Courtesy]

While many were taken back by the unexpected revelation, some poured cold water on claims Nathan was Kageni’s son saying he was just a relative or family friend.

Others were of the view that the boy was old enough and if he was indeed his son, it would have slipped somewhere that Maina has a family.

This is not the first time either.

In 2015, Kageni posted a photo of himself with a woman and two kids.

“Three generations,’’ he posted without revealing who they were and relation to him.

Like the current case, Kenyans that year jumped all in and assumed that the woman was his wife.

To some, the boy in the 2015 photo is all grown now and is probably Nathan above.

The spectacularly secretive presenter has never admitted to having a family.

Here are some of the comments…

Nyoro_Julius: Najua mama ya huyu mtoto yoh

Chuimangraphics: Maina mtoto wa neighbour peana na utie bidii upate wako. Ama ung'ang'ane na hali yako.

Dansan_eminen: Daddy and son shine

Mbaunigladys: Anakufanana mapua na maskio

Davie_max: tomorrow post Nathan's mother photo

Mbayalavuna: Respect Kageni, now put more effort for a princess

Sonia_kithinji: It's a lie.... I will never believe unless I was there through the nine months of pregnancy and delivery... Huyo mtoi ni wanani maina?

Gibsonmutie: If truth your son then you did it, I thought you the kind of people who preach water when the tale wine, your superman now, he's handsome