Daniel Owira and President Uhuru
He is the President’s son. Daniel Owira, he of the famous Otonglo Time, is doing just fine five years after his narrative left Uhuru Kenyatta in stitches. That was in 2013 Campus Vibe caught up with Dan, five years later

Do you smoke weed?

I gave in to peer pressure while in first year. I did smoke weed, but it made me feel useless. Luckily, God intervened and I stopped. That was a sad period in my life.

Word in campus has it that you often pull the ‘Otonglo’ card to impress ladies

That’s not true. I know I am a handsome and God-fearing young man, so you can’t blame me when ladies like me. I just have a connection with people and they love me for who I am. Does that make me a womaniser?

What do you look for in a girlfriend?

She must be God-fearing, honest, humble, hardworking and intelligent. The list is endless. Well, no man or woman is perfect, so whoever the Lord gives me, I’ll appreciate and love her.

An ex-girlfriend intimated to Campus Vibe that you dumped her because she came from a ‘bad’ tribe…

That’s propaganda. I am actually hearing this from you. There’s nothing like a ‘bad’ tribe. We are one and equal before God. Though there was a lady in campus who really impressed me, it didn’t work out because I later realised our goals in life did not match.

Meaning you are single?


When was the last time you met with the president?

Two years ago. You know campaigns are very hectic. However, he was always checking up on me through the Kenyatta Trust. I do all my best not to let him down.

Between Baba and your adopted father, where does your allegiance lie?

I don’t like talking about politics. I’m more of an artist than a political enthusiast. However, I was so happy when my father won the presidency because I chose and choose to stand with my father always. He knows me and I know him.

Did you vote for Baba?

That one is my secret. Even if I tell you, will you know whether I’m lying or not?

 Daniel Owira on stage

So you are Jubilee?

Where my father goes, I will go. Which son turns against his father and still expects blessings?

But you didn’t campaign for your father as other artists did on Jubilee TV adverts and ground campaigns…

I wanted to, but I was told to concentrate on my studies. I respected that decision and as a dutiful son, I still did campaign for my father online na kwa WhatsApp.

Five years later, how much money have you made?

Not so much. I’m not sleeping hungry, I’m able to pay my bills.

You had gigs with Tuskys and Telkom, why are you no longer on TV?

Well, I’m concentrating on my studies, but the money I made was put to good use.

You were on ‘Inspector Mwala.’ What happened?

It was a temporary deal and ikaisha, but I’m looking forward to renewing it and make it permanent with the blessings of God.

With the lecturers’ strike still on, what keeps you busy?

I’m looking for a job as I continue with charity work. Life doesn’t have to stop just because lecturers are on strike.

Why not ask your father for a job?

He can give me one, but I also want to show him that I can hustle like a real man.

Your worst lecturer and unit in school?

I don’t detest any lecturer. I love them all. On unit (laughs), micro-economics is my worst. Maths isn’t my thing and I am very glad we sat for that unit in second year and ikaisha.

What do you do to pass time?  

I pray. Connect with people through social media and attend as many charity events as possible.