Women who wear wigs in the streets of Nairobi are walking a tight rope after it emerged that a new crop of thugs are targeting the pricey commodity on their heads.

According to sources, the gang that is prowling the streets of Nairobi are literally yanking off wigs from the heads of unsuspecting women.

A victim of one of the unfortunate incidences revealed that her wig was snatched in broad daylight as she walked along Moi Avenue.

She stated that Nairobi was now becoming hard for the ‘slaying business’ and wanted Governor Sonko to take action.

The gang has reportedly discovered that that women are investing heavily on the wigs and weaves and their loot is no longer in snatching phones, purses and ransacking pockets.

An article by SDE one year ago revealed that women in Nairobi are willing to dig deep into their pockets to look good and purchase wigs and weaves that cost from Sh35, 000 to over Sh60, 000.

That year, Kenyan songbird Victoria Kimani told SDE that she bought one of her purple coloured weaves for $1,470 (Sh147, 000) at the Edee Beau Studios in London.

Popular socialite Vera Sidika also revealed at the time that she bought her hair for Sh185, 000 and spends up to Sh450,000 on hair alone!

This could also be a case of crooks trying to harass women in the city streets like the stripping nonsense of 2014.