Ichagaki Boys School alumni include Dr Jonathan Ciano( center) Dr James Mwangi (top right), Dr Benson Wairegi (bottom right) Photo: James Mwangi

The late Catholic missionary, Fr Victor Deleidi, famed for pioneering schools in Central Kenya, founded Ichagaki Boys High School in Fort Hall District (now Murang’a County) in 1962.

The school started as a boys’ day school, changed into a mixed school before reverting to a boys’ only boarding when 8-4-4  was introduced in 1985.

At some point ‘Ichez’ as it’s nicknamed was a little hell where weed and binge drinking was no big news, but has transformed complete with superb performances in badminton reaching the 2015 East African Secondary School Games in Rwanda.

Deleidi, Kimathi, Gatimu, Kenyatta and Bildad Kaggia dormitories were where students played bano (marbles) after preps on the strength of ugali and beef for supper on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  

Business education was once mandatory at ‘Ichez’ and little wonder many alumni polished their business acumen there including; Equity Bank CEO Dr James Mwangi, Britam’s CEO Dr Benson Wairegi and former Uchumi Supermarket CEO, Dr Jonathan Ciano. Business was dropped and replaced by C.R.E. as the compulsory subject.

Those guided by the motto ‘Education empowers’ include;  Murang’a County deputy governor Gakure Monyo, the late coffee baron Abraham Mwangi and former Unga Group MD  Ndung’u Kinuthia. Nation Media Group photo-journalist Martin Mukangu escaped severe beatings from bullies courtesy of Equity’s Dr Mwangi, two years ahead, defending him.

Others who wore green sweaters, grey trousers and light green shirts were Meru High Court judge Peter Muchoki, Gerald Ndegwa, an actor on NTV’s Hapa Kule News and Presbyterian University of East Africa lecturer Stephen Njoroge