Sauti Sol had a successful country tour                 Photo:Courtesy

Following a recent performance by Chronixx last Saturday at KICC, Sauti Sol’s Bien and Chavara agree that the 24-year old Jamaican rocks. The two urged local musicians to avail themselves on such occasions so they can learn from their international counterparts.

The duo who were among the celebrities present at the event and who witnessed the star perform on stage for close to five hours nonstop say they too hope to up their game in the near future.

“   It is important for our local artists to grace such occasions just to have a glimpse of how the international artists go about doing their thing and be able to learn from them if they hope to succeed in the near future besides making a difference in the local music industry,” said Bien.

“It is no secret that most local artists lack stage presence let alone performance which needs to be worked on if they hope to make it beyond,” added Chavara.

Indeed over the years complaints have been launch by many local music lovers who have criticized the art of stage performances by local musicians as pathetic.

Most times they resort to lack creativity and hence to miming and using playback music which leaves most of their fans more often disappointed.

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