In what may pass as a classic case of ‘having a bad day at the office’, a woman of the night got more than she had bargained for, forcing her to flee naked from a lodging along Nairobi’s River Road street.

With her clothes, handbag and shoes in hand, the woman, only identified as Lynnette by her colleagues, popped out of the lodging, wailing for help following wrath of an unidentified bedroom bully.

The woman is reported to be new on the street and her colleagues, seemingly jealous of her bewitching beauty, set her up with the ruthless man for playing spoiler.

The fact that for the short time she had plied her trade along the dark alley off River Road she had won over most of their customers infuriated her colleagues. So much that they hatched a sinister plot to teach her and others in the habit of playing spoiler a bitter lesson.

Apparently, the man keeps a ‘big secret’ in his pants, which is well known to some of the harlots. Thus, whenever they see him, they always alert each other, forcing him to leave without getting service.

“He is such a bedroom bully! We always give him unreasonable prices to put him off or outrightly avoid him for fear of his wrath in the sack,” a hooker, who requested only to be identified as Caro, told this writer in Swahili.

To avenge the loss of business occasioned by their new pretty colleague, the harlots maliciously encouraged her to tease the supposed bedroom bully for a session, telling her he pays handsomely.

Big secret

He quickly gave in. “Without knowing what was in store for her, she gave in and they went for a session. While narrating to us she said he claimed he was shy and thus insisted on switching off the lights perhaps to avoid her seeing the 'big secret' he keeps,” said the source.

She told her colleagues that the moment she got down to business with the client, the going got so tough that she began to forcefully disentangle herself in a bid to break free and run.

“Claiming that he was yet to get value for his money, the man kept going and forcing himself on her, even as she begged him to stop,” the source added.

After a long tussle and fervent pleas, the hooker managed to break free. She grabbed her clothes, handbag and shoes before bolting out with the disappointed man, who had only managed to put on his trousers, in hot pursuit.

“We just heard her scream for help. Before seeing her emerge with her shoes and handbag in hand,” said the Caro. It was the lodging staff who calmed down the angry man. He is reported to have complained, claiming that he had been shortchanged as the watchmen and other staffers lead him out of the building.