Wajir MP Abdullahi Dirye                Photo: Courtesy

Wajir South MP could spend six months in prison or serve an alternative probation period if a city court finds him guilty of causing a scene at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Abdulahi Diriye has been charged with creating disturbance at the immigration office of JKIA.

Diriye allegedly forcefully took away a passenger who had been held by immigration officers on March 27.

Police said he caused unnecessary commotion at the arrivals terminal when one of the immigration officers tried to explain to him the procedure of checking travel documents of a passenger before being allowed entry into Nairobi. 

Diriye is alleged to have stormed at the baggage hall at the immigration section to to talk one of the officers holding Siraj Ardile from Wajir, who had just landed from South Africa.

After a short discussion with the immigration officer over the release of suspicious passenger, the MP allegedly became unruly and forcefully decided to take the passenger from officers on duty.

Why he was deported

While shouting at Wycliffe Ayoyi, an immigration officer, Diriye attracted the attention of other airport agencies who came and seized him and his passenger.

Authorities privy to the investigations of the matter however revealed to The Nairobian that the alleged passenger had no history on how he left the country.

They claimed the man’s character is questionable and could be of security concern since his passport could be fake.

“He could not express himself in any national language. We are still investigating how he acquired the passport and the connection he has with the MP and why he was deported from South Africa,” one of the detectives told The Nairobian.

Diriye survived spending a night in the cold cells at the Industrial Area Police Station when he appeared at the Makadara courts and denied the charge of causing disturbance on March 31.

Chief principal magistrate Timothy Okelo, however, released the MP on Sh100,000 bail. The case will be mentioned on 14.