Esther speaks to journalists     Photo: Courtesy


Pastor Geoffery Maingi, 70, collapsed and died on Tuesday evening inside a woman’s house in Buruburu. The woman, only identified as Esther, wasn’t his wife.

Pastor Maingi of New Life Temple Church was seen entering the woman’s house by neighbours at around noon.  At seven in the evening, a taxi driver alerted neighbours that there was a dead man in Esther’s bedroom.

Esther who was interviewed at the scene by The Nairobian, says the pastor had visited her house in the afternoon for a session of prayer and fellowship.

“After a while, he complained that he was not feeling well and requested to take a nap in my bedroom,” said Esther, adding that she then decided to call a taxi to take him to hospital.

But when the taxi driver arrived, he realised that the pastor was already dead and refused to take him to hospital unless they informed his family.

The pastor’s daughter-in-law who, together with his wife, was among the first people to arrive at the scene, said she has never seen the woman in question in her life.

“I have never even seen this Esther woman in my father-in-law’s church,” she said, revealing that the old man has been under medication for high blood pressure.

According to neighbours, the pastor has been seen in Esther’s house on several occasions and speculation is rife that she was a mpango wa kando.

Neighbours say they had no clue that the man who always visited Esther’s house was a man of the cloth. They all knew him as her boyfriend.

Buruburu OCPD Charles Kerich said they were yet to know the cause of the death. “We will know what caused the death after carrying out a post-mortem exercise on the body. We cannot speculate for now,” he said.

The incident attracted a huge crowd amid claims he may have died of a heart attack caused by sexual enhancement tablets.

But Esther told a KTN reporter that she was at the bank when he called saying he was outside her house. He said he wanted to rest and began breathing in a ‘funny way’ shortly after she arrived.