A couple who checked in at a popular lodge in Githurai 45 caused light moments when they used a whistle to alert a barmaid to free them from the ‘house of sin’.

For unknown reasons, the pub on the Thika Superhighway that has lodgings on the upper floors locks the main entrance door once a couple has been shown a room.

On the fateful evening though, a witness told The Nairobian regulars were baffled when they heard the sound of a whistle from behind the metallic door.

The couple wanted the barmaid serving customers downstairs to open the door since they were done.

“At first we thought it was a football fan celebrating triumph of popular local or international club but the gentleman was trying to capture the attention of a maid who responded and liberated them,” said the witness.

“They should not be locking up the customers like jailbirds. Suppose there is a fire outbreak, or attackers arrive unannounced, who will know some people are up there yet the door is locked?” another regular posed.


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