Eating in style at Le Chalet

A sumptuous meal at the Le Chalet Restaurant in Goma City - the joint serves authentic local and international cuisine - It is a popular meeting place for local and international visitors. [Jayne Rose Gacheri, Standard]

In my Goma list of must-do things list was “experiencing Goma eateries”. This was after seeing how Congolese loved eating out in style at the Five Star Rumoka Goma Serena Restaurant. I knew Goma must have great eateries. All I needed was to ask for a recommendation.

Coming from manager James Nzavwala, the recommendation of Le Chalet as the best place to sample a delightful culinary journey around the word in Goma was the best alternative I had.

We set out in a group to experience this “best dining experience in Goma City” just in time for lunch. From the hotel, the drive takes us 20 minutes to get to Le Chalet located on Avenue du Lac HIMBI 3338, Goma, DRC.

We find the restaurant full of guests. The place is a melting pot of nationalities and a hot spot for Congolese culture. At the front of the restaurant, is a “typical Congolese Market, (an equivalent of a Masai Market) complete with the famous Congolese sculptors and an array of UN emblems.

The restaurant is frequented by UN staff among other foreigners. This gives one a great interaction with people from various countries.

The selection menu has on it delicacies ranging from authentic Congolese dishes to contemporary international cuisine that can be savoured with fresh cuisine coupled with the restaurant’s signature cocktails.

We make our order; local delicacies of fish set on a platter of chops, seafood, and then take to the grounds to enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Kivu (La Chalet sits on the shores of the Lake). Le Chalet is beautifully landscaped, with a relaxed but charming atmosphere. The view of the lake is outstanding.

There is a wedding reception when we visit and the place is colourful – the party, it seems, is an all-bright orange affair, an amazing complementary to the shades of the restaurant.

Sunday is a sumptuous Brunch day offering delightful local tradition feat. Brunch days are embraced as bonding time with family and friends.

Though it took over one hour for our order to arrive, when it did, the tasty meal was worth the wait. If I ever visit Goma, I know Le Chalet is forever my Chalet!

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