Safaricom Home Fibre new users to enjoy 3k cashback



It has been 15 months since the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic ground the global economy to a halt with public health restrictions on physical contact disrupting the daily lives of billions.

For the first time in a generation, a vast majority of the human population was confined to their homes, in some cases for months and the Internet became a lifeline.

In Kenya for example, the Communication Authority states that the number of fixed fibre connections grew by 14 per cent between June and December 2020 as more households wired their homes.

As the leading providers in the sector, Safaricom responded to the increased demand by interventions targeted at maintaining a seamless service offering while cushioning consumers already hard-hit by the pandemic.

Users on Safaricom Home had their fibre speeds doubled at no extra cost to match their grown demand and maintain a stable connection for family members working and learning from home.

This incentive was welcomed by consumers as reflected in the increase in Safaricom’s average internet usage per customer as well as in the improvement in the company’s net promoter (NPS) score to position 1.

While the economy gradually re-opens for business and learners are heading back to school, Safaricom has revamped its offering based on lessons learnt by user patterns and experience during the pandemic.

More users are asking for higher speeds to match the respective sizes of their families and at cost effective prices that will fit within their household budgets.

It is with this in mind that Safaricom has launched a customer reward offer for new users that sign in on the Siver package. Users on the Silver package, which was initially pegged at 10MBps before being doubled last year, pay Sh3,999 per month.

New users who sign on to the Silver package will receive a Sh3,000 redeemable fee that will be automatically loaded on their Home Fibre accounts. The redeemable fee will be debited in two instalments on the third and sixth month provided users renew their monthly subscriptions.

To get connected, all you have to do is dial *400# and follow the prompts including indicating your specific area of residence. Safaricom Home is currently available in 12,000 estates in Nairobi, Mombasa, Western, Nyanza, Eastern, Central and Rift Valley.

In addition to seamless connectivity at cost effective prices, there are other benefits for Safaricom Home users.

In the first place, Safaricom Home comes with Secure net, the company’s cyber security solution for the home that comes at no added cost.

Secure Net gives users full control of their Home Internet network with protection against security threats like malware and also gives them control of what can and cannot be accessed within the network.

Secure net does not require additional installation as it comes embedded with the service and is regularly updated with the latest firmware in the market.

Users will also get to enjoy high speeds through Safaricom Home’s fair usage policy that allows for equal access among consumers within the vast fibre network. Safaricom’e Fair usage policy limits speeds to 3MBps for users on the Silver, Gold and Diamond packages who exceed 1,000GB each month.

This ensures the experience of other users is not affected and users are also free to upgrade their speeds to the next tier according to their broadband demands.

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