Raila Odinga promises major reforms in Judiciary to boost delivery of justice

ODM Leader Raila Odinga addressing Mwongori residents in Nyamira County on October 22, 2021.(Sammy Omingo,Standard)

ODM leader Raila Odinga has promised to institute reforms in the Judiciary to ensure justice for all irrespective of their status.

The ODM leader accused the Judiciary of frustrating land cases, citing instances where genuine land owners have been dispossessed of their parcels.

He made the remarks yesterday during interview on Maasai FM stations.

“We fought the dictatorship of the national government and won. But currently, the Judiciary has become the greatest dictator. Cases of land filed at the Judiciary takes years to be heard, and when the verdict is read, it is always favouring the wealthy leaving the holoi poloi of this country crying for justice,” claimed Raila.

The ODM leader also promised reforms in governance to ensure efficient service delivery to Kenyans.

“We need to bring reforms in good governance –we must begin from the county assemblies, at the County Executive level, National Assembly and Senate and the national Executive. We must clean it so that it serves Kenyans,” he charged.

He described the land issue among the Maa community as historical, saying all parcels that were unlawfully taken will be returned to the community should he ascend to the top seat.

Raila said that it was only by putting land into proper use that the quality of life of the community will improve.

“People should not have land and die poor. You need capital to use the land as a factor of production. If there is no capital, then there is no use of having huge chunks of land,” he said.

The the ODM leader spoke at a time there is outcry over backlog of cases especially on land issues.

Raila also hit out at Deputy President William Ruto, accusing him of abdicating his role as the county’s second-in-command.

The ODM leader said that Ruto continues to enjoy the trappings of power but uses every opportunity to criticize the government.

He said the handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta should not be construed to imply being part of the Jubilee administration.

“Cabinet runs the government. I do not sit in the Cabinet to approve the government development agenda but Ruto sits. Am not paid any money from the government,” said Raila.

“President Uhuru is working alone while his deputy is going round doing politics. From the shoe to the hair, Ruto is using the taxpayers’ money,” he added

He reiterated that he will fight corruption so as to recover billions of shillings lost to fund projects, including Sh6,000 stipend to poor families.

“The President said that every day Kenya loses Sh2 billion which translates to Sh600 billion annually. I know the holes that money is being fleeced and I will seal the holes. We will have more than enough money to implement the programmes,” he said.

The ODM leader promised to ensure more functions are devolved if he wins the presidency.

He noted that even though devolution has brought substantial development at the grassroots, it has not been fully implemented to the letter.

Raila said that it was against devolution for the national government to continue holding onto construction of urban roads within the counties.

He called for disbandment of Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) and the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura).

“We don’t need KERRA and Kura. There is no need for the national government to construct roads for instance in Narok town or Kajiado town. That work should now be left for the county governments,” he said. 

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