Women in Ndichu twins saga demand police action



Stephanie Murgor, Phillip Murgor and Cheryl Murgir during the interview on October 10, 2020. [Pkemoi Ng'enoh, Standard]

Two women who were allegedly assaulted at a city hotel have opened up for the first time while asking for speedy investigations and prosecution of their attackers.

Cheryl Murgor and her sister Stephanie Murgor discounted claims made by twin brothers Paul Ndichu and Edward Ndichu that they were merely “neutralising” a fight.

Accompanied by their lawyer Phillip Murgor, the pair claimed they were attending a spill-over of a wedding evening party at the hotel when one of them ignored a compliment.

“A little later when Stephanie left their table, heading outside, she was assaulted,” Philip Murgor, their lawyer, said.

In a Tuesday statement by Wapi Pay, the company the twins co-founded, they denied assaulting the women, previously unidentified, saying the video that went viral did not depict the true nature of events that transpired on that night.

“To be clear, Paul and Edward got involved in an attempt to neutralise a confrontation between two women and to defend themselves from certain aggressors,” the statement said. They neither named the “certain aggressors” nor the two women mentioned in their statement, only saying the matter had been reported to police for investigations.

But according to Murgor yesterday, the attackers jumped on one of the sisters - Stephanie - and started choking her and when her boyfriend responded, he too was grabbed by the throat. 

The scuffle was brief, and the sisters later made their way out. However, according to Murgor, they were accosted, with Cheryl bearing the brunt of the attack before Stephanie was descended upon.

“At the front entrance of the hotel, a man in dark clothes, violently broke the right side mirror, while the other in a white shirt, violently broke the left side mirror before they both went to join the attack on Cheryl,” Murgor said.

In their statement, however, the twins denied such a thing happened: “Our understanding is that the allegations and video currently being shared on social media, albeit horrific and regrettable, do not depict the true nature of events that transpired on that night.”

In the video, a man is seen attempting to knock off one of the side mirrors of a vehicle parked outside the hotel. He later joined a scuffle at the lobby of the hotel.

In the video, a man is seen attempting to knock off one of the side mirrors of a vehicle (L) and later joined a scuffle in the lobby. [Courtesy]

On Tuesday morning, the sisters proceeded to Akila Police Post where they reported the matter and were given P3 forms for the injuries which included a bite on Cheryl and a bruise on Stephanie’s neck.

Following the incident, the sisters said the Ndichu brothers have not reached out to them.

They said they will now proceed to court once the investigations are completed. “I expect the Inspector General to honour his word as he promised that investigations will conducted,” said Murgor.

In a joint statement released after the incident went viral, the Ndichu brothers, said they found the narrative distasteful and troubling and stated that any type of behaviour involving violence against women does not reflect their values.

Ole Sereni hotel in their statement on Tuesday said their security managed to step in and contain the situation.

“We are aware that there are some disturbing pictures and videos circulating online of an incident that occurred on 17th October, 2021 at the lobby of Emara Ole-Sereni Hotel…” group CEO Ghulam Samdani said.

“Please note that we do not accept nor condone any such behaviour as we have an obligation to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests.”

On Tuesday evening, a statement from Wapi Pay Board said that Edward, the chief executive and Paul, the executive director, had stepped aside pending investigations.

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