Fans, get used to Harambee Stars’ poor show since systems are designed for it to keep losing


Harambee Stars' coach Engin Firat. [Jonah Onyango, Standard]

On Thursday night, fans of Kenyan football and Kenyans, in general, were wailing again because the national team was playing.

This is something that they should get used to. This is their lot, and as much they wish that they would celebrate like other people do when their national teams are playing, Kenyans have not been lucky.

It is not easy to point a finger at the exact problem with the national team or generally Kenyan football, but it is safe to say that management has not been exemplary.

Several factors affect the growth of Kenyan football, or just sports in Kenya, but all can be traced back to administrators not because they are the source, but because they do not want to solve them.

Putting things in order will mess their pilfering ways and they love the chaotic scenario because that way, their shady and underhand deals will not be uncovered.

Oh, on Thursday, Harambee Stars conceded five goals against Mali in a World Cup qualifier, and has just two points after three matches.

That was the reason for the recent wailing with many fans blaming the football federation boss for the national team’s poor show.

Ideally, the coach would be called out, but Kenyans barely know the one that took the team to that game. He was hired a few weeks ago, under circumstances many people did not understand. The mode of hiring him was questioned, but the federation’s bosses do not answer mere mortals like fans who feel that they have a stake in the national team.

That too, has been the norm, and that is why whatever is happening to Kenyan football, or the national team, is not surprising. What is surprising is that Kenyans get surprised when Harambee Stars lose.

Hopefully, they will know how to manage their expectations and will not get surprised today when Harambee Stars face Mali in a return leg at Nyayo National Stadium from 4pm.



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