Family demands probe in killing of kin, claims police shielding suspects



Muuo Muthengi was confirmed dead at a Nairobi hospital on October 11 after being attacked at Makongeni estate in Thika. [Courtesy]

The police in Thika are investigating the circumstances that led to the killing of a 31-year-old prison warden.

Muuo Muthengi was confirmed dead at a Nairobi hospital on October 11 after being attacked at Makongeni estate in Thika.

The police told the family of the deceased that their son was attacked by a mob while walking home, but the family demanded that Muthengi’s death be investigated by the IAU and the Independent Policing Authority (IPOA).

Their demand is informed by the fact that three months, the deceased had filed a complaint with the National Police Service Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) against a police officer in Thika.

A postmortem examination was conducted at the Montezuma funeral home by Government Pathologist Johansen Odour on Monday.

The examination was also attended by officials from the DCI, IAU and IPOA.

Odour ruled out the possibility that Muthengi could have died as a result of a mob injustice.

Aviki Muthengi, a sister to the deceased said that her brother died of blunt force trauma caused by a single blow to the back of the head.

These findings contradict the explanation by the police on the cause of his death and affirms the suspicion by the family that their son could have been killed by police officers he met on the night of October 11.

At the heart of these investigations by the Thika DCI is Muthengi’s complaint against a police officer based at the gender desk at Thika Police station.

The complaint against the police woman originated from a rape case filed at the Thika Police Station against the prison warden.

Muthengi visited IAU offices in Upperhill, Nairobi on June 19 and filed a complaint against the Thika-based policewoman.

In his statement to IAU, Muthengi claimed that the  officer had been threatening to revive a rape case against him even after the matter was withdrawn from court.

He claimed that the officers had received Sh40,000 to facilitate the withdrawal of the case.

Even after receiving the money and also compensating the complainant, the officers had continued to ask for more money.

He asked the IAU to investigate the female police officer.

Aviki said the family believes that the death of their brother was linked to the complaint against the police.

“The postmortem has now revealed that the injuries my brother suffered are not consistent with a mob attack. We want those who killed him held responsible “ Aviki said yesterday.

On the fateful day, (October 11) Muthengi had spent the better part of his day at his house at the Thika prisons staff quarters according to the account of events given to the police by the dead man’s wife.

At around 3pm, Muthengi called his wife who was at a salon in Thika and informed her that he was stepping out after receiving an urgent call. He said he was heading to town (Thika).

He (Muthengi) would later speak to his wife at around 5pm when he called to ask if she had returned home.

This is the last time that Muthengi spoke to any of his immediate family members.

Aviki said a colleague at the Thika prison would eventually deliver the shocking news of what were Muthengi’s last moments to his wife at around 7pm the same day.

The colleague arrived at Muthengi’s house and asked for his identity and hospital insurance cards.

Aviki said the initial information provided to the family by the colleague was that Muthengi had been assaulted by police officers and rushed to a hospital in Thika.  

This colleague reportedly told Muthengis wife that he was handling the matter and that the wife should not panic. 

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