Trade CS Moses Kuria during The US- Kenya trade and investment roundtable at US Chambers of Commerce, Washington DC. on April 25, 2023. [PSC]

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria now says the controversial housing fund project will be managed by county governments.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV, Kuria said that the project will be implemented at the county level by the county chiefs and not the national government as previously assumed.

"The government is not the owner of the housing fund program. It is going to be implemented in the counties by the 47 governors. We are ready to involve them so that they can question all our actions and approve all the investors and operations that will happen during the construction and offer employment to their people," he said.

According to him, entrusting the projects to the county chiefs will ensure all the counties are developed simultaneously.

Last month while addressing the press, housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga said an independent administrator will manage the funds as part of measures to enhance governance.

Hinga said details of the administrator will be made public once the Finance Bill 2023 is passed by parliament.

But Kuria said time is ripe for them (national government) to sit with the governors and discuss the way forward.

Kuria said despite being easy for Kenyans to hold the government accountable, jobs will be fairly distributed if the project is entrusted to the county chiefs.

In April, the government rolled out the affordable housing program that would see Kenyans contribute 3 per cent of their income and kick-start their journey of owning a house. The state said if implement, the project would create over 2500 direct jobs.

What remains unknown is if Kenyans will be allowed to choose which county to invest in and the criteria to be used during the registration incase the Bill is passed.