Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu (left) at Makueni County headquarters in Wote with Governor Kilonzo Jnr on January 24, 2023. [Denis Kibuchi, Standard]

Standard Group PLC and the County Government of Makueni have agreed to work together to safeguard devolution. 

Apart from reporting the success stories, Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said the media is a key cog in the development agenda. 

Devolution in Makueni has been a success owing to its public participation model that allows residents to make decisions on projects and allocation of funds to various programmes.

During a meeting with Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu at the county headquarters in Wote, Governor Kilonzo Jnr affirmed the need for partnerships with the media.

Makueni Governor Kilonzo Jnr (right) addresses the Standard Group delegation led by CEO Orlando Lyomu. [Denis Kibuchi, Standard]

“As the Makueni team leader, we have agreed we will do an MoU so that we can assess together what devolution has done and what it can do going forward. It is painful that many years after independence, we are still begging for food. We will have to work together,” said Kilonzo.

He added: “We need to start a conversation about what we are doing locally. Recently, US philanthropist Bill Gates visited Makueni and met community health volunteers. How is that special to Makueni?” he posed.  

The Standard Group CEO praised Makueni for being a county of firsts after hosting Gates and other key figures. “

Our conversation was based on what the county is doing and how Standard Group can plug in and tell Kenyans what is happening,” said Mr Lyomu.