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There is a current obsession in the dating scene that has been around for quite sometime, nudes. It’s crazy enough when you hear about it on various platforms under the name sexting but you know things have got thick when you actually meet a guy and in the middle of a conversation via text he drops a request for a nude. Your nude, he wants you to get down and dirty and show him how wild you can get.

So in a desperate attempt to hang on to the first guy who may have noticed you after a long dry spell on your side, you lock the door, bare it all and click away. And because you want him to know you are the best thing he will ever lay his eyes on, you add some filters to hide the scars and stretch marks you think might scare him away.

A few clothes and numerous filters later,  you present your admirer with a ‘flawless’ nude. Then you think that he will fall head over heels for you because some website told you men like spontaneous girls who can get kinky if need be. But I don’t blame you, neither will I judge you all I will say is May the Lord heal your desperation.

I have tried to understand how a man gathers the courage to ask a lady he just met a few hours ago for a picture of her privates. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what goes on in his head before he pops the big question, ‘Can you send me a naughty picture of yourself?’ then when the lady in question prods further, he says, ‘A nude my dear, I want to see how pretty you really are because I know from what I saw, it can only get better.’

In my quest, I have come to conclude that our men are tired of the chase. We used to be afraid of the hit and run guys but there is a new crop of deadly men rising from the ashes of moral depravity; men who are nothing less than lazy to even get laid physically. Their only hope is a desperate girl with low self-esteem and technology. This is the perfect recipe for their 10 minutes of wrist action and that my friends is the sad story of their lives.

Where did the fun of the chase go to? At this point I can’t even ask where the phrase ‘keeping myself pure’ went to. Do not get me wrong, I believe in keeping yourself pure for the right person and that includes not sending snaps and snips of your naked body parts to someone you do not know well even if you do not intend to have sex with them eventually.

It is both demoralizing and risky as it will haunt you given that you can never really tell the intentions of the person you send it to. Nudes have damaged reputations and that is something that is worth saving together with your dignity. #KataaNudes.

To the men who clearly have lost all sense of manhood by hiding behind their smart phones and screens in order to ask for what lies beneath, instant gratification will be the end of you. Why don’t you get of that screen and fight for what she has to give like a real man