For any lady travelling down to the coast there were two main things you have to come back with, loads of coconuts and Dera’s.

Dera’s are long free flowing dresses that are common in the Coastal area. They are convenient for the coastal area because of their light material that generously lets in cool air when there is any, therefore it allows you to stay and look cool at the same time.

They come in different colours and patterns, the main one being the tie and dye pattern and are not limited to older women. They are age appropriate and decent on whoever wears it.

While some people would prefer to keep the original design of the Dera others choose to make them fitting and go ahead to snip out patterns of their choice from the sides. The end result is a figure hugging dera with butterfly wings.

Aside from the fact that you can wear them at home, to the office, church or beach Dera’s are affordable as you can get one from as low as 250/-from Kongowea Market.

Unbelievable, I know, go get yours today and do not be shy to shape it to the style of your preference then pair it with sandals and on rare occasions, heels for a sophisticated look.

Kurta's and Dera's are somewhat sisters as they draw from the long flow and add some gist by adding long slits on the side. Kurta's can be paired with shorts or leggings and colourful masai sandals to give it a hip finish.

So take advantage of the sunny days, get a kurta/dera awesome sunglasses and kick it out through town.

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