Do not make your fantasies the centre of the whole conversation (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Bring the fantasy up as a ‘by the way’

Having a full conversation about it is one way to approach this convo. But, maybe the thing that would work for you is bringing it up as a passing thought to gauge how it’s going to be received.

You can say things like, ‘’wouldn’t it be interesting if we tried…’’ or, ‘’what’s your thought on…’’

This can be something you bring up when you’re in a relaxed mood to take away the awkwardness.

·         Approach a taboo topic carefully

People’s definition of a fantasy isn’t always the same thing. For some people it might be something common like bondage or using sex toys but for others it’s some seriously freaky stuff.

If what you’re thinking about is something unusual, approach everything calmly. Communicate in detail what exactly you mean, so that your partner can understand you better. I’m sure they will have a couple of questions so, be ready for that.

·         Don’t pressure them

Regardless of what you would want to talk about, it’s important to make it clear that you’re not pressuring them into anything.

Listen to what they have to say and give them room to think about it if they need to because that also shows you’re not only concerned about what you want.