Former TV journalist Jacque Maribe. (Courtesy/Instagram)

Former TV journalist Jacque Maribe has clarified news going around that she was recently appointed as the Director of Communications at the office of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Through social media, Maribe refuted the claims stating that she did not receive such an appointment.

"I am not the Director of Communications at the Deputy President's Office. Thank you all for the well wishes, calls, and text messages. Mambo ya God," she wrote.

Her statement came just days after word went round that she had sunken in depression and was battling alcoholism. She, however, came out to refute the rumors terming them baseless. In an interview, the controversial media personality stated that she no longer pays attention to bloggers desperately looking for clicks using her name.

"Suicide watch? Depression? By who? When? Why? I don't even drink. I'm happy and healthy," she said, adding, "But it is life, if people want clicks, what do we do?"

Earlier this month, Maribe jotted a public appreciation note to her sister. Through the note, she expressed gratitude to Carole for being there for her when she was unwell. Maribe clarified that despite her family and close friends worrying about her, she managed to pull through her ailment.

"My sister, Carole Maribe, may you have the abundance of grace you have shown me while unwell. May I repay your kindness? Thank you. Mum was panicking, dad of coming, all the friends who checked in," she wrote on Instagram.