Sauti Sol are among this year's CHOMVA nominees.

Kenyan artistes are in for an acid test as they face their continental counterparts in the Channel O Video Music Awards taking place in South Africa later this week.

With some of the industry’s big names, among them Sauti Sol, P Unit, Collo and STL now threatening traditional winners from South Africa and Nigeria, it remains to be seen if Kenya’s large representation at the prestigious awards will yield fruits after a six-year elusive chase.

Kenya has eight nominations while Nigeria has over 15 and South Africa brags an equal measure of the lions’ share.

Ironically, this is one of Kenya’s highest representations in the continental awards, which have largely remained a spectator affair for our stars over the years.

Even as fans from other countries make it a big deal to vote for their artistes, the issue on the local scene has never seemed to be a big deal. Kenyan fans hardly vote for their countrymen and our nominated artistes’ have shockingly had to burn their own cash hunting for votes across Africa over the last two months.

“A nomination in itself is a great feat. Channel O Music Video Awards are a big deal as they comprise the cream in the showbiz industry across Africa.

“I’m happy we are nominated and I am looking forward to the great gala night in Soweto. “Winning can be real good, but even if we don’t, we will make best use of the moment,” Frasha of PUnit told Monday Blues yesterday.