Huddah Monroe and Juma Jux. [Instagram]

Huddah Monroe has opened the lid on her relationship with Bongo Flava star Juma Jux.

Responding to a curious fan inquiring about the singer’s wellbeing, Huddah explained that they are no longer together, going on to term their relationship as a project that ended.

“Kama Raila, it was just a project and it already ended,” she wrote.

The duo was rumoured to be in a romantic relationship after the release of Jux’s music video, Simuachi, where they were pretty cordial.

Ahead of the video’s release, Jux and Huddah tricked netizens to believing they were an item by hyping the project on their social media pages, dropping teasers and pictures from behind the scenes.

“Huyu husband, simuachi!” wrote Huddah in one of the videos.


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Fueling their dating rumours even more, after the release of the song, the Huddah Cosmetics founder spent time with Jux in Tanzania, enjoying his company as they continued to promote the song.

Setting the record straight on the nature of their relationship after constant queries from the public, Jux explained that they were just friends.

He went on to commend Huddah for being supportive throughout his projects and working hard to ensure they did the best job.

“If you are friends, if you are lovers, family it does not matter. The endgame is to always lift each other in all that we do. If you are in a relationship, say friendship and you are not making money together or supporting each other, then you won’t go far. She is my friend and that’s why I support her,” Jux said.

Addressing the kiss shared between them in the music video, Huddah did not deny or admit being romantically involved with Juma Jux. Instead, she described it as a ‘friendly kiss’.

“People kiss. Friends kiss, you can kiss your child on the cheeks. Just watch out, you can tell the energy,” said Huddah.

 Huddah Monroe and Juma Jux [Instagram]

Past relationship

Speaking of relationships, the vocal social media influencer not too long ago left netizens dumbfounded after she revealed she was once married.

In the revelation shared on her social media page, Huddah explained that she got married at the age of 19 for four years but walked out of the union after realizing her husband was using narcotics.

“I was married for four years at 19. We didn’t have a child and I divorced because the man was a drug addict! I wasn’t famous so I didn’t need to advertise it,” she revealed.