Content creator King of Muguka [Instagram]

Popular content creator Aq9ine alias the King of Muguka is in trouble after allegedly eating a spider.

Revealing his current condition through Instagram, the content creator said his whole body was itchy and his face was numb after chewing a spider.

He said his condition had worsened and asked his fans to pray for him should things go south.

“Guys, make your last prayers before niende. Muniombee bana mimi naenda. Naskia kaa sina uso, nafurafura kila place. Nimekula spider and this is happening to whole face hadi mikono,” he said while scratching his skin.

He, however, does not regret his action as he confessed that it had been fun to risk his life for the sake of entertaining his fans.

“If this is my last video, it has been fun entertaining you and risking my life as well. I love risks coz we live a risk... We all gon die so f*** it. Lol. Much love Comrades,” he said.


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His revelation has raised serious concern from his fans who urged him not to risk his life in the name of content creation.

pierramakenaofficial:Mukuru! For people like us who love you and believe in your creativity, I know you can do content that does not harm your body..and we will still support you! You have a bright future as a content creator so use it wisely. Health first.

dee_carrenah: May God heal you.

its__g.i.t.a.u: All this for views and likes

Aq9ine later asked his fans not to bother him or castigate him for his decisions.

“Mnaaboo bana. Mnacatch juu ya shida zangu why? Mimi nikikufa nitzikwa na mnisahau Haufai kushtuka juu mimi si wenu,” he said in part.

Even in his current condition, Aq9ine swears that he will not stop. As a matter of fact, he says if he survives this, next on his plate will be a snake or frogs.

“Nikipona next ni chura na nyoka. Nilisema nitapika hadi nikufe. I guess niko almost. Mind your sh**,” he added.

Recently he narrated how he also developed serious health issues after eating a bat.

"Unfortunately, it came with effects. After four days, my voice broke and I had severe flu. I don't believe it's Covid-19. People eat bats in Africa," he claimed.

Here is the video:

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