Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu. [Facebook]

Bonfire Adventures Managing Director Sarah Kabu and her husband Simon Kabu have been making headlines ever since news of their rocky marriage hit the airwaves.

Addressing the matter in a recent YouTube interview with Christine Lewis on The Voice of EA (East Africa), the businesswoman began by recalling their happy days together, describing her greatest memory while dating Simon as the day he tried to surprise her with a proposal but she messed it up.

“Maybe what I remember is that his engagement proposal idea failed. We had organized a Valentine's weekend getaway to Amboseli and his plan was to engage me at the top of the observatory hill in Amboseli. He woke me up for the morning game drive and I was cramping, do you know I refused. He begged me and even knelt down but I refused. I didn’t know that he wanted to propose,” she said.

Advising female viewers, Sarah stated that if a man insists on something, as a woman you should at least try and be involved lest you mess up a big surprise as she did.

“So ladies if you see a man insisting on something, even if you are sick, drag yourself, you never know because I almost missed it. When I refused completely and it was our last day there, he proposed at the gate as we were leaving the park. I was looking very shaggy, we didn’t even take good photos but yes it happened,” she continued.

How marriage was like

Speaking on her union, the mother of two revealed that her marriage felt blissful and beautiful not forgetting the hard times they went through that dampened her spirit every so often.

“50% or 70% has been what you have been seeing in social media, very blissful, beautiful. We have had our good times and we have also had our bad times that we did not show on social media. I would not like to discuss maybe the details of the bad time. Sometimes when we meet people they are like, you really inspire us, you are couple goals and maybe at that time I am going through an issue,” she said.

For Sarah, the peaceful and simple type of relationship is what her heart desired admitting that every time a couple revealed they were looking up to her marriage, she silently wished she had what they had.

“I reached a point and felt that the people who were looking up to my marriage, were very simple people and I wished I had that life. I wish I could be like you. I wish I had that simple life but I have peace of mind and I have love…just simple love. I don’t know how I would call it. The simple couples that look up to me I sit down and wish I was them.”

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