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Content creator Murugi Munyi, formerly known as Yummy Mummy, has revealed that her liposuction procedure cost roughly Sh600,000.

Speaking during an interview at a local radio station, the YouTuber added that she had the option of working out to get the body size she wanted or paying for a procedure.

Munyi went on to add that she feels much better and she is happy with the outcome.

“I decided to go for the lipo because I had the money and also it was my birthday treat. As human beings, we work so that we are able to afford the things we want. You work for it or you also pay for it. These things can go concurrently. It was just under KES600,000,” she revealed.

According to her, if she can afford to buy or pay for services, she definitely will. She went on to add that it is not a shortcut, justifying that she worked hard to get the money she spent.

“I have worked for it, that is money that has come out of my pocket. I feel a hundred times more confident,” she said.


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Sharing details of the procedure, Munyi defined it as a process of removing excess body fat in specific areas of your body.

“Basically, it’s the process where they remove fat from any part of your body that is stubborn. For women, it is basically around the arms, the belly region, thighs, buttocks etc. They make small incisions,” she revealed.

Speaking about specific areas around her body where the procedure was carried out. Munyi revealed that the main focus was around the belly and back.

Through Instagram, she announced that she lost 8.7 litres of fat.

“Do you all want to see the 8.7 litres of fat that they took out my midsection,” wrote Munyi adding, “My tummy is currently completely strapped up and compressed so there’s nothing to see here, it’s still a long road ahead.”

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