KRG is said to have forked out at least Sh7.5 million to ship and acquire the ride. Photo: Courtesy.

Dancehall singer KRG Don has been seen cruising Nairobi streets in a brand new toy, a 2019 Maserati. Details of whether Bughaa owns the automobile, or if it’s a brand new acquisition, or even if it was imported and how recent are undisclosed to Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle.

Speaking to a source who sought anonymity, he described this as “pocket change to KRG who is gearing up to own exclusively foreign cars in Kenya”.

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It seems KRG knows something about future Kenyan roads that we don’t. After posting the premium luxury car to his Instagram stories in bits, the Giddem artist is said to have forked out at least Sh7.5 million to ship and acquire the ride from a close friend in his wealthy circle of entrepreneurs. The push-to-start whip is another eye candy after an unknown Nairobian recently set the electric Tesla vehicle on Nairobi terrain just this past month.

LR2 release ‘Badda Boom’

 L2R Official has set sights on Kenya.

In other news, UK-based singing trio L2R Official is on a roll with their latest release Badda Boom, as they continue to gain fans from across the globe. The hit which is the follow up to their last single Halle Berry is an uptempo song borrowing from music genres in the UK, West Africa, U.S and Spain. The track is driven by an R&B-style guitar and rhythmic Afrobeat percussion, with a hint of UK Drill 808. The visuals for Badda Boom were shot at a housing estate in Reading.

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The group, which is currently drumming up support from radio DJs across the UK have set their sights on Kenya due to the good reception Afrobeat music has been met with.  Made up of Jajii, Childish and H Boogz, L2R met in university and they initially worked on solo projects till 2018 when they joined forces for Ready or Nah.