He had appearance of a girl while young, but with a beard and broken voice and other masculine traits now, he wants to be identified as male.


John Karanja Kariuki was born with ambiguous genitalia, but both the birth attendant and his parents believed he was a girl. When he was born on November 27, 1993, he was given the name Dorcas Wangui Kariuki. His parents proceeded to raise him as a girl and all his school documents contain the female name. Everyone around the 27-year old man treated him as a girl until sometime in 2011 when he started manifesting male characteristics such as a broken voice and a bushy beard.

“The foregoing made the petitioner uncomfortable and subjected him to great ridicule. Especially from his classmates, who previously treated him as a girl,” his lawyer John Chigiti explained.

He went to the hospital a few years back and the doctor confirmed that he is a man. Court record reads that he underwent the first corrective surgery on February 8, 2013, and the second one was after a year. Following the surgery, the then Wangui had to change his name to reflect the new identity. He ch