Cebbie and Akothee [Photo: Instagram]

Elseba Awuor Kokeyo better known as Cebbie Nyakokeyo was the topic of discussion all over social media mid last month after an unknown woman accused her of cheating with her husband.  What began as an engagement quickly turned into enragement after the woman shared conversations between Cebbie and the man said to be her husband to blogger Edgar Obare.

In the chats, Cebbie claimed that Akothee was dead broke to the point where she couldn’t afford to pay her children’s school fees. Opening up for the first time after the incident during an interview with CJ Atemo, Cebbie revealed that she and her sister, whom she looks up to as a mother, had already buried the hatchet and were in good terms.

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“When the screenshot messages leaked online, Akothee and I talked on the same day. I do not understand why people keep on asking: ‘are you talking to your sister after that incident?’ I’d like to say that my sister and I do not need to tell you when we are in good or bad terms with each other. The incident did not dent our relationship that much. I am human, I make mistakes,” she said.

Cebbie went on to explain that her elder sister is more of her mother and will always remain to be family. “Family is family at the end of the day. I saw people attacking me, saying: ‘No, you cannot fight the ‘President of single mothers’’. Akothee is my sister. Even if I killed someone today, she will open her arms to accept me. Akoth is more of my mother than a sister; most people do not know that, said Cebbie. “Our relationship is full of bad fights, we hit the optimum. Most people don’t know that when Akoth and Cebbie are fighting, no one in the family can bring us together at that time. We usually find a way of ending our disputes.”

The fashionista explained that after the exposé, her parents reached out to her. Her mother, a disciplinarian, was furious over the issue, said Cebbie, but her father encouraged her to stay strong amid the backlash. “He called and told me to stay strong that was life. He said even if this one doesn’t marry you, you can still come back home, so no problem. Let nobody blackmail you. You’re an asset. But my mother was angry. She’s a tough disciplinarian and politician,” she added.

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In the interview, Cebbie asserted that she was still getting married and preparations for her wedding were underway but was, however, waiting for the Covid-19 regulations to be eased to allow gatherings. “When things have cooled down because the pandemic has really hit hard and my family alone is big 64 grandchildren and 24 siblings, so that’s a big number that the government may not even accept. Without my parents, uncles so probably early next year we would start planning,” said Cebbie.