Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami.

Sometime last year, there was speculation songstress Nadia Mukami and her music counterpart Ali Yusuf, better known as Arrow Bwoy were dating. Word on street had it that the two dated briefly before parting ways after things didn’t work out, a claim that was later confirmed by Nadia.

“He's an amazing friend. We tried dating but it didn't work,” she said.

Recently, speaking in an interview on Bonga na Jalas, the Million Dollar singer explained that when rumours started going around about their relationship, they decided to ride the wave to push their music.  

“I am single and working on my business, Arrow Bwoy and I never dated. What happened was that a blogger wrote the story and we just decided to run with it, we used it to push our music,” she said.

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Asked on why she is still single, Nadia responded by saying it was hard for someone in her position to find a genuine guy with genuine feelings to settle down with adding that in the music industry, a few  people end up dating for the wrong reasons.

“I feel like my early twenties should be my building years, a relationship right now can be a distraction. When you are in the music industry sometimes people want to date you for the wrong reasons. It’s hard to find a good guy, people assume I’m rich. There is a day we went out on a date and when it was time to pay the guy gave me the bill and I had to pay,” she said.

The Radio Love singer, however, stated that she is looking to settle down one day and hopefully, get married.

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 “The next relationship has to lead to marriage I have been telling my friends I wanna settle down wananishangaa! I don’t like games in relationships, I have never dated for fun! Am on a one year break! Immediately I turn 24, all potentials kindly note am ready for marriage.”

When their fake relationship ‘ended’, Arrow Bwoy advised Nadia to channel her energy on building her music career and quit seeking cheap publicity.

“I'll give some advice to Nadia Mukami. She is one of the vibrant female artistes in East Africa. She has so much potential in raising our Kenyan flag high. However, she can only reach these heights once she channels all her energy into her craft.

Aachane na hizo sideshows, hazileti shangwe yaani. Because the Nadia I know is the one I did a collabo with and I love the fact that she is a go-getter. Piga tu kazi. I'm your fan,” he wrote.