Andrew Kibe [Photo: Instagram @kibeandy]

Popular Radio presenter Andrew Kibe has revealed that he did not grieve his late sister in the way most people do.

Rather than cry and remain in a sombre state for a period of days or weeks, the media personality said he did not shed a single tear.

“The day before yesterday was my late sister’s birthday and I just realized I have no feeling or emotion towards this. The day she died we were not in good terms. She passed on in 2012. I do not know why I never felt that heavy grief. I did not even cry.” Kibe said on his KISS FM radio show today.

Kibe added that one does not have to grieve because others are grieving, or feel like they need to act like everyone else.

The media personality disclosed that the reason he and his sister were not seeing eye to eye on the ill-fated day, was because of what he termed as “family drama”.

“There were so many inside fights in the family so from that time we have not talked to each other. Silly stupid fights. The high court has so many cases in court over land and money issues,” said the presenter.

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Andrew Kibe [Photo: Instagram @kibeandy]

Speaking to his co-host Kamene Goro on the toxic nature of many families fighting especially after the death of a family member, he expounded that some are united in the scramble for the deceased’s property.

This is not the first time a well-known entertainer has spoken publicly about family disputes.

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Charity Mwamba

Mother In Law actress popularly known as Charity Mwamba earlier this month opened up in an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani about the painful loss of her children after parting ways with their father.

The actress, real name Elizabeth Wanjiru, disclosed that she was once married to a powerful Ugandan who was heavily involved in politics. Together, they had three children.

“I was married to a Ugandan. When Iddi Amin took over, we were affected. We did not see eye to eye on some interpretations and considering that I am a Christian, I did not want to be involved. But he was ambitious, so we parted ways,” she said.

When he was recalled by President Yoweri Museveni to assist in nation-building after the deposition of Amin, they split and he took the children with him.

"When Museveni took over, he was asked back and a very serious thing happened -he took our children with him. He already had another wife and kids. I now live alone as if I had no children of my own. They have no interest in coming back; they are with their families and I don’t like to interfere,” she said.

Charity Mwamba [Photo: Courtesy]

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Wanjiru painfully narrated that the last time she saw the children, her last born was twelve years old. Since the break-up, her children have only seen her once, and speak to her occasionally on the phone.

“I only pray that they may be happy. They know I am open. When they have come to see me, they know I am welcoming. I think they are afraid of starting a relationship. I imagine that those heavy things are still with their father. I am old and gotten used to life. They know they have a home; the place I raised them up in. I am alive and love them. I have no problem,” she opened up.

Further, the 77-year-old actress fought a difficult 30-year battle through the courts to keep their matrimonial home.

“We had a problem with our matrimonial home; the one I live in. The information is in the public domain. He wanted to throw me out but I moved to court and presented my marriage certificate. The case, imagine, dragged for more than 30 years but I finally won. I don’t know why it delayed. Because of the lengthy case I accumulated a huge bill; I accrued lawyer costs yearly. The court ruled in my favour and I was to be reimbursed. He was served by my lawyers but never responded nor paid,” said the actress.