Pastor Ng'ang'a [Photo: Mpasho]

A video of a man draped in a tallit, praying in a thicket, on top of a tree buzzing with locusts, and believed to be Pastor James Ng’ang’a of  Neno Evangelism Centre, has emerged online.

“I welcome you to this wonderful prayer centre,” says Pastor Ng’ang’a in the video before urging the camera person to draw closer to the spot where he is perched.

“Tafuteni bwana maana anapatikana… May God bless you wherever you are…We are here to repent for our sins and those of our forefathers; four generations. Something is wrong somewhere,” he went on as the insects that have marooned over 13 counties flapped unperturbed.

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Explaining his solitary retreat, the preacher noted that he was seeking God’s grace.

“I am here to ask the Lord for forgiveness and visitation. God bless you. This is Apostle Ng’ang’a, Nairobi, Kenya”.

A matter he underscored to the Sunday Standard when asked for comment on a notice by Kenya Railways to reclaim land occupied by his church that is sandwiched between Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highways and Bunyala Road.

“Those are the things that disturb my spirit. Media should not call a pastor who is deep in prayer to ask about land. I am deep in talks with God for now, please!” said Ng’ang’a.

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In March 2019, he relived Mordecai’s tribulation by putting on sackcloth in a six-day fast in Isinya, Kajiado County. 

“Fellow Kenyans and the entire world, join me in asking God to intervene in our country. I believe we are heading to a very serious time. I would take six days here,” he said before scooping a handful of soil and dusting his head with it.

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Pastor Nga'ang'a [Photo: Courtesy]

Panned to perhaps show the desolation, the clip, inadvertently, captured a mound of construction gravel and a man herding sheep, in the background.

“I am asking all Kenyan’s from all walks to cry out to the Lord just like Jeremiah did,” he narrated as he explained his three-tier mission in Kajiado.

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