It was a moving moment when the family of Donovan Bulger met John Sueme who was the recipient of their relative’s heart through a heart transplant.

Donovan Bulger, who died in a car accident in 2016 had requested that his organs be used to save other lives and John was the recipient after suffering from heart problems for five years.

Although information on organ donors and recipients is kept confidential, fate had it that John would recognised his donor's photo and even meet his family.

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John wrote a letter and requested for a picture of Donovan, which his family willingly sent to him.

"I followed guidelines, I can't name myself. It was a general letter thanking them for this tremendous gift. Several months later I received a letter from Savannah and enclosed were two pictures of Donovan," John narrated.

On the day of the unplanned meet-up, John who was in the company of his wife, daughter and a few friends attended a St. Louis Cardinals game for the Transplant Awareness Day and so did Donovan's family.

Donovan's family printed the same picture of him they sent John on a shirt and wore it to commemorate his life.

"We try to attend events to help spread awareness," Donovan’s sister Savannah said.

"We were all standing there representing our brother when we heard someone ask 'Are you Donovan's family?” she continued.

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During the game, John’s daughter recognized Donovan’s face on the shirts and they approached Donovan’s family. The moment was so emotional everybody broke down in tears.

Donovan’s family took turns to hear their brother’s heart beat in John’s chest.

"My husband wouldn't have been able to go on that trip without the gift Donovan gave him," Liza Sueme, John’s wife told CNN.

Throughout the game the two families which were now one took pictures and bonded.

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