John Isaji. and Inset; Angela Chibalonza

Leaving a void that can never be filled in the hearts of many, Angela Chibalonza will forever be remembered despite her sudden death on 22nd September 2007.

The prolific Congolese artist lost her life along the Naivasha-Nairobi highway as they rushed back to Nairobi so she couldn’t miss an early flight.

Speaking to KUTV, the lone survivor in the fatal accident and Angela’s former dancer, John Isaji, the ‘Ebenezer’ singer was to perform at Egerton University in Njoro but since it was late, she had second thoughts about travelling for the concert.

However, the students would hear none of it and she was forced to go.

 ‘’It’s too late I can’t make it to Egerton and be back,’’ Chibalonza told her team.

This because she was scheduled for a 7 am flight on 22nd September which was never to be.

Following the riots that ensued in the university, to avoid negative publicity she went despite her misgivings.

‘’She protected her image, she protected God’s work so she said we must go,’’ Isaji narrated.

As they prepared to leave, her house keys went missing and she had to be broken out of her own house.

After a successful concert that went into the wee hours of the night, Isaji alerted her of the time while trying to get her off stage but she had other plans in mind. Adamant, she told her former dancer that she cannot leave the stage without praying for the students first.

‘’You don’t know if today is your last day, you never know if Jesus will call you today. If you die today where will you go?’’ She posed to the crowd.

After it was all done and dusted the crew started making their way back to Nairobi.

Upon reaching Nakuru, Chibalonza proposed that Isaji should give the wheels to another driver since he was tired. Reluctant, he did not. Waking up when they had reached Gilgil, Chibalonza who had been asleep on their way insisted that Isaji should take a back step and let someone else drive which he did.

Moving to the back of the car, he dozed off as another driver took charge. In Limuru, Isaji was woken up by screams after the car they were in rammed into a lorry from behind slicing off the car’s roof.

The only survivor in the grizzly road accident, Isaji was rushed to Kijabe hospital after suffering a spinal injury. The doctors told him he would only be able to walk after 10 years but miraculously managed to beat the odds.

He is now a pastor.

The late Angela is survived by her husband and daughter.

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