When it comes to relationships, men can be choosy. Most women believe that if they have the looks, no one will resist dating them. If you are the type of woman who has such thoughts, well, you are totally wrong. There are things that men look for in a woman more than just the looks. Here are 5 important things that men are looking for in a woman.

1. A good listener

Listening, at most times, shows that you care and respect what the other person is saying. A man wants a woman who is able to just sit and listen to what they have to say. Most men take their time when they want to process their problems, as a woman being patient and listening to your man attentively will make your man appreciate you even more.

2. A good cook

Most women today are just so reluctant to simply go to the kitchen and prepare a nice meal. A reasonable percentage don't even know how to cook! With Pizza and burger joints all over town, women will find it much easier to ‘dial a delivery’ rather than cooking. Men love women who can satisfy their stomachs. Ordering in once in a while is okay, but it should not be overdone. Cook for your man, after all, our grandmas said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

3. Funny

Laughter is the best medicine. A woman who is humorous will lighten up a man’s mood even in his worst moments. Getting into a serious relationship does not mean being serious all the time. A man will definitely settle down with a woman who can make him laugh.

4. Supportive

Being supportive can either be financially or morally. Our society has made it clear that a man must always be strong. That’s not wrong, but again, even men go through hard times and a soft place to land on. Being there for him at his worst will mean a lot. Be ready to listen and talk when he needs you.

5. Trustworthy

Once trust is broken, its foundation base will remain weaker even when you try to rebuild it. Men will tell you how pretty you are every single day until you decide to betray him. Lying to your man will simply drive him away, and when he leaves he will not come back. Be as honest as you can in your relationship; even that small lie that you think doesn't count, might be the wall between you and the engagement ring.