Amina and Ali Kiba during their wedding last month

Speaking her mind for the first time after she became a wife, Amina Khalef revealed during a radio interview with Tanzania’s Clouds FM that she would not allow her husband, Ali Kiba to marry a second wife unless it is according to God’s will.

This considering Muslim men can marry up to four wives so long as he can maintain each and uphold similar standards for all he is free to take another wife.

The media shy Amina would, however, have it the other way if she had a say.

‘’Siwezi mruhusu japo Mungu ndiye anapanga.’’ She responded after a short pause when asked about a second wife.

During the interview she revealed that the two met for the first time inside an airplane but did not talk to each other before she was later introduced to him in 2016.

‘’Mara ya kwanza kukutana na Ali Kiba ilikuwa kwenye ndege na hatukuzungumza. Mara ya pili, kaka yangu binamu ndiyo alinikutanisha nae maana walikuwa marafiki sana na hapo ndiyo tulianza urafiki wetu kabla ya kufika hapa tulipo.’’ She said.

The beauty who got married to the bongo artist last month in two lavish weddings disclosed that her favorite song is ‘Aje’ which Kiba released last year.

The couple is scheduled to go for an all paid honeymoon to Italy as soon as Kiba is done with business deals in Kenya and South Africa.

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