After Betty Bayo’s cryptic response on social media in regards to her husband’s expose, many Kenyans were eager for a detailed response from the celebrated singer herself.

Betty Bayo finally speaks out after Jicho Pevu's expose on 'Dr Prophet' Victor Kanyari

In a tell-all interview with the People Daily, a local print publication, Betty is quoted to have been shocked by what she saw.

In fact, she fainted when she saw her husband touching a woman’s breast.

She says, “I fainted. I couldn’t believe it. When I am with him, 95 per cent of his talk is about church and the gospel.”

She is also reported saying that she will not divorce Kanyari for now. “I need time to consult with my God for guidance,” she concluded.

Betty was expected last night on KTN to speak about the whole debacle but was unable to make it to the studios.

The 11th hour singer rose from humble beginnings starting off as a househelp before making it big in the music industry.

Betty and Kanyari married back in 2011.

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