Colonel Peter Njiru is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Aide-de-Camp

By Hudson Gumbihi

Colonel Peter Njiru is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Aide-de-Camp (ADC), a ceremonial role that is normally confused with that of guarding the Head of State.

To many ordinary folk, Njiru is Uhuru’s official bodyguard. However,  the soldier is not a security officer, but his omnipresence gives the presidency dignity and honour.

The routine diary of Njiru revolves around escorting Uhuru out of State House into the waiting car, opening the door then standing at attention while saluting when the President sits on the back seat.

The ADC closes the door, occupying the front passenger seat. He carries Uhuru’s personal items like mobile phones and speeches to be delivered at official and public functions. Njiru also receives gifts or other items on behalf of the President.

Njiru works closely with the Presidential Escort Unit Commander, who is a senior assistant commissioner of police.

The commander is the man directly in charge of Uhuru’s personal security and that of close family members.

Uhuru’s father, President Jomo Kenyatta had a Major Macharia as his ADC. The position was inherited by his successor Daniel arap Moi before he was replaced by Major Peter Ngugi Ikenye.

Colonel Wilson Boinett then took over from Ikenya. After Boinett was made the head of National Security Intelligence Service, Colonel Alexander Sitienei took over from him followed by Lt-Col Jonathan Rono and later Col Stephen Boiywo.