By Mwaura Samora

Nigerians and Cameroonians are said to be ferrying women from the city centre to some selected apartments that operate as brothels where they sleep with them and release them in the morning, some half naked.

“These lodgings, which are illegal in a residential estate, have been housing mostly foreigners of all kinds where they carry out business unknown to us,” a resident complained to The Nairobian through an email.

He added: “Women are normally seen walking out or being driven out half naked at dawn”.

He went on to claim that although the residents complained to the City Council Public Health and Licensing Department, the officers were denied entry into one of the said apartments.

To confirm the reports, The Nairobian made an impromptu tour of the area and established from residents that indeed there have been an influx of foreigners in recent years which they say has pushed the immorality levels up.

“There are Nigerians who live in some apartments here who seem to be engaged in some clandestine activities,” said one Five Star Estate resident, who chose to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from the foreigners.

“One of them was featured in The Standard last week as among foreigners involved with drug trafficking in Kenya,” he claimed

The source, who sometimes does taxi business, said that the foreigners sometimes meet the women on Facebook from where they plan a date.

“After that a taxi is sent to town to pick her in the evening and ferry them back in the morning,” the source added. “Our girls have really lowered their moral values so low because of their lust for money.”

He directed us to one of these apartments where we noticed idle-looking men in shorts basking on the balcony.

An attempt to knock on the gate elicited no reply which prompted us to do several drivebys as we took photos.

“What about terrorism, do we have to wait until something tragic happens so we can start taking action,” the resident wondered.

 He continued: “We are just wondering whether our Nairobi County Governor is aware of these activities in Five Star estate or possibly in other city estates, as this could be a trend.”