Inside Joe Mfalme's house.

DJ Joe Mfalme is a household name in the music industry. He has a sterling reputation and is widely known for connecting people through music. He is down-to-earth, always cool, calm, and collected.

Walking into his home, there is great energy and positive vibes. It feels light, airy, and inviting. The space reflects modern style.

The distinctive, duochromatic pallet blows me away. There are different patterns on the walls. The focal wall is a black and white zigzag wallpaper. Its magnetic pull and character draw you in immediately you enter the home.

It is disruptive and somehow awakens all your senses. A TV is mounted on this focal wall, and his portraits enliven the walls. The rest of the walls feature black and white tiled wallpaper.

He shares that his mum wanted him to do more with his space. Initially, he says, the walls were plain and boring. This feedback from his mum led to the changes that transformed the house into a charming space.

When he introduces me to his partner, Ephy Dishon, I ask if they are officially married. “I have met her parents. Please, note that she is officially my wife,” he says.


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We move to the living room, which features handcrafted grey sofas sourced locally. A circular black and white pattern plush carpet covers the floor.

 Joe Mfalme's house.

A glass square table, luxurious black curtains with white sheers, which he bought from Biashara Street, and animal print lampshades, complete the elegant theme. The theme pulls all the white and black elements together, giving the house continuity and cohesion.

DJ Mfalme’s black and white expression, textures, and beautiful fabric patterns are edgy. They add sophistication and give the space a tantalising contradiction regarding look and feel.

The dining area colour scheme plays on the black and white nautical combination, giving the interior a striking balance. The white and black small tile pattern wallpaper adds a sense of serenity to the space.

The custom-made dining table and chairs are black. Black curtains and white sheers push the boundaries as far as print and textures are concerned. A zebra print carpet covers the floor. Lampshades in a similar pattern stimulate the imagination and pull the space together.

He gives me a tour of his office, which is the adjacent room. Trophies are meticulously displayed on one of the desks, holding a laptop and a DJ CDJ mixer setup. This was his first investment when he was employed by Capital FM. When I tempt him to play some music, he showcases his artistic skill on the CDJ.

 Joe Mfalme's trophies.

DJ Mfalme loves prints. There is some form of print all over his home, even his kitchen. His bedroom features white and black, from the ceiling to the floor. The look is whimsical and fun. His bed is shockingly low and sturdy. “Why such a low bed?” I ask.

“I always slept on high beds when I was younger and did not like it. When I moved out, I promised myself to sleep on the lowest bed possible, which I find very comfortable,” he says, adding: “My house, my rules. I guess that is the fun part about being a grown-up. You do what you like.”

 Joe Mfalme's bed.

The bedside is adorned with animal print lampshades in black and white. Cute teddy bears and brown, cosy cushions break the monotony.

Food for thought: Seeing as his home features black and white patterns, his favourite animal must be zebra.

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