A couple talking. 

Words are powerful. The tongue may be a small member but strong enough to break a heart. It is capable of breaking the strongest bonds and breaking the best relationships.

I bet you can remember all the hurtful words someone said to you or you said to others. That is the power it has over us. Use your words carefully because once said they can be forgiven yes, but never forgotten.

When it comes to couples, mean words said out of anger, insecurity or frustration happen a lot more than we could care to count. And that can be the final trigger for one partner to walk away. Marriage is hard work and couples should strive to provide security, companionship and safety for each other. When you choose what to say out of respect, you become comfortable around each other. Let your partner feel visible by validating and affirming their actions.

Be appreciative, caring and encouraging to inspire each other when things are especially looking down. Sometimes a simple reminder about how you feel is all you need to do.

I love you.

Those three magic words will make them feel completely cherished because words come attached with emotions.


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Many women often fight the nagging feeling that they do not measure up. This is why as her husband and assuming she is doing a good job at being a great wife, you should always remind her that you value her and acknowledge her sacrifices to take care of you and the family. This boosts her confidence and helps her to feel good about herself.

You will notice that she is much happier and your kind words will be reciprocated by her meeting your needs, making it a win-win.

She will be more open and willing to talk to you during those moments of tension or disagreements without fear of being rudely interrupted or harshly criticised. Approach problems and challenges with empathy and openness. Speak honestly but kindly about the situation.

Justified as it may be to express how you feel you have two options. To suppress the flames or turn them into a raging fire. But when you speak with gentleness it encourages faster conflict resolution.

And when you are not putting out World War Three remind her why you married her and throw in a compliment while at it.