Janet Wanja- It was discouraging to see my friend Wacu struggling alone

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Kenya volleyball setter Janet Wanja denies claims that she is pregnant and reveals she will, but at a time of her own choosing

Malkia Strikers had to play some group matches at the 2015 FIVB World Grand Prix without the services of Janet Wanja who fell sick. The team toiled on the court from Mexico, Algeria to Australia, weathering many challenges in the process. John Lawrence talked to the Kenya Pipeline player on her sickness and social media rumours about her health.

What does this win mean to you given the fact that you were taken ill at some point during the grand prix.

It was my lowest moment and very discouraging to see my friend Wacu struggling alone. I thank God that I recovered in good time to play both matches in Australia.

I would like to thank Kenyans for standing with me during my toughest moment. The fans have been great locally and beyond. I have never seen the fans rally behind us this much. The feeling was great.

What were you suffering from?
The doctors said that I had a bacterial infection in my stomach. At some point, I even thought I was going to die. Things were so tough for me, but I went through medication and I am now fine.

There was also talk on social media that maybe you are pregnant. Is this true? 
Me, pregnant? I do not know about that!
People will always talk, but at the end of the day, it is my life and I have nothing to hide. For someone to start spreading rumours about me being pregnant, such person must be well aware of whatever goes on in my bedroom.
I really do not mind when these clowns start digging into my private life over my role on the court as a player. Anyway, I think we need to focus on what is important. I am not pregnant and I am in no hurry. I will have a baby at a time of my own choosing. If I have disappointed the rumour mills, then sorry! 

Jane Wacu spoke well about you when you were unwell. The team even dedicated the win to you. How was the feeling?
Despite the fact that we play the same position, we are not rivals. On the contrary, Wacu and I are very good friends. We are even roommates whenever we travel. Such a relationship does not only exist between Wacu and me, the love spreads to the whole team. I think that is our biggest strength.