Octopizzo shares his thoughts

On dating

It is an awesome experience. Initially, people tend to put their best foot forward and a lot of pretence goes into it. You can however pretend for so long, hence ones true colours are bound to come out eventually.

On ladies

Most Kenyan ladies judge men a lot based on their background and occupation. They never take time to get to know the real person. However, there is a small rare breed that understands the men species.

On celebs

Kenya celebs are broke artistes who think being a celebrity is all about being famous and being on TV. They thrive on showing off what they do not have to get attention that they do not need.

On socialites

They are a confused lot who do not even know what they want to achieve as socialites. They just want to be known for parading their behinds on social media and for hanging around celebrities.


They are fans in disguise. They want to be where I am because they think they are better than me. They criticise my every move, making people want to know more about me. The more the haters, the better for me.